Vera (raths_kitten) wrote in xconic,

Sporty!Jensen - 17 Icons

[01-15] Jensen from the soccer match
[16-17] Jensen after golf with Jason Manns


01.   02.   03.   04.

05.   06.   07.   08.

09.   10.   11.   12.

13.   14.   15.   16.


If you want to take any, please don't hotlink and credit xconic. And if you want to be extra nice, leave me a comment? :)

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Tags: jensen ackles, supernatural
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Awesome icons, love those perky nipples!!!
Haha, yes. I spend more time looking at the pics than actually working with them. They're so hard and he's so sweaty. *faints*

Thank you.
That man...UNF.
Very much, yes.
I swear the man is trying to kill me.

Great work on these.
Thank you. :)

He looks so hot, adorable,gorgeous...

Amazing work!!!!!
Thank you.
Taking some.. Love them! Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you.
mmmmmmm. i grabbed #4 & 13. thanks and i'll credit you.
Glad you like them. :)
Is it hot in here?? :D
No, that's just Jensen. ;)
Lovely thank you so much
Glad you like them. :)
I was wondering why there were not more icons from the soccer!day ! lol !! Thanks I think I'll use n°1 ;o)
Probably because they are a bitch to work with. Not only is Jensen distracting, but they were also tough to color. And then there were those stupid tags. But thank you. Yes, Jensen drinking the water was about my fav picture. I should have made an icon with Brian Kinney nect to him. ;)


7 years ago


7 years ago

Hmmmm, yummy, yummy. ♥

Thank you! :)
Glad you like them. :)
Took #7. It was hard not to take them all!
Thank you. :)
I think #8 is calling out to me. Yes, definitely. ;) Thank you for sharing these.
Glad you like it. He looks so cute with his mohawk.
thanks for all this beautiful icons
Glad you like them.
so yummy!!! I love them!
Thank you. :)