Vera (raths_kitten) wrote in xconic,

More Supernatural Icons

[01-43] for sprntrl20in20
[44-55] for spnland



Dean Sam Adam John Mary
Crowley Ruby Azazel Meg Lucifer
Castiel Anna Gabriel Zachariah Uriel
Bobby Ellen Jo Chuck Ash

Pilot Yellow Fever Changing Channels Swan Song The Real Ghostbusters
Born Under A Bad Sign Curious Case of Dean Winchester Folsom Prison Blues Heart Mystery Spot


31.   32.   33.   34.   35.

36.   37.   38.   39.   40.

41.   42.   43.

44.   45.   46.   47.   48.

49.   50.   51.   52.   53.

54.   55.

If you want to take any, please don't hotlink and credit xconic. And if you want to be extra nice, leave me a comment? :)

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Fantastic icons!
Thank you. :)
Wow, gorgeous job. Why is #37 under discards \o/ *takes it and runs away with it*
It wouldn't fit any theme. I just saw the image when I was looking for new promo pics and had to use it in between. ;) Thank you very much!
I snatched quite a few, thank you very much for htis wonderful icon batch!
Whoops, belated reply. Thank you very much!
Have I ever mentioned that I love your icons? Because I love your icons. :D
Heh, thank you very much. :D
I saved a handful or two. Thank you!
Glad you like them. :)
Wow, they're really awesome!
Thank you very much.